Men’s Running Shorts: Less is More

Photo by Matt Stanley

Photo by Matt Stanley

We pride ourselves at Philadelphia Runner in outfitting our customers in the proper running gear for whatever distance you’re training for. We encourage you to run in whatever length of short feels most comfortable, however, we also want you to expand your comfort zone. Hopefully, after reading this post you’ll be convinced to buy split shorts for your next event.

Pro-Tip: All running shorts have a built in liner or compression short. This is 100% necessary. Running in boxers is a recipe for disaster. Google “testicular torsion” if you want to know the real reason. Now onto a thorough discussion of shorts.

9” inseam

Just look at the NBA or Rafael Nadal; Men’s capris are coming back into style. This length is not ideal for running any distance. More fabric = more weight = slower times. I like my new 9inch J Crew Stanton shorts, but I wouldn’t consider running in them. Let your thighs join the party.

7”-9” 2 in 1s

These are for people who played “real sports” in high school. Former soccer, basketball, lacrosse and baseball players are used to feeling extra secure with built in compression. The popular jocks on these teams might have insulted for wearing shorter shorts. I’ve got good news for you; you’re not in high school anymore! You can wear whatever you want without being bullied.

4”-5” inseam

Chubbies Shorts * claims that their 5inch inseam shorts are “radical shorts for men.” Maybe they’re “radical” for casual shorts, but for performance shorts, they’re just a tad too long. Maybe if it’s below 50 degrees you can wear these shorts for some extra warmth. But, it’s June and you don’t need that extra weight holding you back from your true potential.

2” Split shorts

Though society may think that this is not considered a short but an undergarment, this undoubtedly allows for the freest movement on a run. Don’t worry, these shorts still have a substantial, supportive liner. Still, if you want to focus on what is important (the movement of running) than this is the perfect short for you. There is no speed, nor weight requirements for the length inseams you choose so wear them proudly. Be prepared for both sarcastic and serious compliments. Don’t you worry, the sarcastic commenters are simply jealous of your nearly visible manhood.