Who We're Running With: O.P.A.C.

Running in the Philadelphia area continues to grow and grow. From the races to beautiful trails and places to run to great groups, we consider ourselves very lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful running community. Here's who we're running with this week! 


By Lionel Brodie III with Quincy Johnson, Alexandra Diekmann, Abigail Freitag, Taryn Nichols, and Jamie Shroy

With its beginnings as Villanova Run Crew, Original Propaganda Athletic Club (O. P. A. C.) was founded in 2012 as the tangible extension of Original Propaganda, our private label, luxury apparel line. One of our fundamental goals was to present the marriage between sporty function and high fashion; the seamless transition between pre, passage, and post without location or wardrobe alteration. The second goal was to cultivate an equally competitive environment for runners of all skill levels. A place where a 5Ker and a marathoner can have MUTUAL respect and admiration for each other. O. P. A. C. continues this with its weekly Run Club and monthly b.R.U.N.ch. Run Club celebrates the social/communal aspect of running: group, run, regroup, and esprit de corps. bR.U.N.ch is a more amplified experience.....a heightened celebration of the Group Run and the Subsequent Fellowship. Both programs have the same objectives: explore the underrated, unlimited culture that Philadelphia offers – on foot – simultaneously establishing its place as a global alpha city, and marry the worlds of performance running and social living. All faces and paces are welcome at everything we do. We are all family.


Since its inception, Original Propaganda Athletic Club was created to be just that…..an athletic club. Today, we are evolving into a growing community of individuals who, among other things (field hockey, basketball, soccer, etc.), run. We Move. Move to be active. Move to be social. Move to be FLY. All facets of athletics are encompassed under the overall mission of O. P. A. C. Running, the foundation of all sports, is our primary platform.


Our embrace of the competitive aspect of life is just as imperative as our tangible interpretation of it. We have partnered with and represented fledging, elite, and Olympic athletes in pole vaulting, rowing, kayaking, bobsledding, running, and bodybuilding. We are the hustle. The grind. The folks at the starting blocks trying to catch those at the finish line. The folks at the finish line looking for the next finish line. We are the race.


Our love for Philadelphia plays a central role in everything we do. There is a select, alpha populace influenced by a handful of cities worldwide. Yet mention Philadelphia, birthplace of this Great Union, and either feel the blank stare that confirms the depth of our city’s irrelevance within the athletic, fashion, and popular culture cosmos…..or become familiarized with our story, expressed from another city’s perspective. This present lack of presence is the foundation for our future in sport: Original Propaganda Athletic Club. 

Original Propaganda Athletic Club’s Mission Statement: Foster an elite, equally competitive environment for our family members, create an energetic culture of activity in Philadelphia without limitation of sport, and become a part of Philadelphia’s cultural fabric with sport, fashion, social activism, and entertainment. Then, enrich the world by sharing…..us.