Build Your Fall Wardrobe: Base Layers & Mid-Layers


By Takia McClendon

In our last post about building your fall wardrobe, we discussed the importance of having a good moisture wicking bottom - tights, pants or joggers. This week, we’re talking about base layers (think long sleeve shirts) and mid-layers to keep you warm during chilly fall mornings and evenings.

I know what you’re thinking, as soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees, it’s time to whip out the winter jacket. Not so fast. Although it may feel cold, wearing a very heavy jacket or overdressing in general can lead to overheating and feeling uncomfortable a few minutes into your run. Nobody wants to chafe or swim in their cold, sweat for a 5 mile run.

For fall weather, a better solution would be to layer a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt under a lightweight, moisture wicking, fast drying half-zip, sweatshirt or hoodie to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm (without overheating) throughout the duration of your run.

Keep reading to learn what you should look for when choosing your layering pieces:

Choose a Base Layer: This will be based on personal preference. Some people prefer long-sleeve shirts while others prefer short-sleeves or tank tops for their first layer. No matter what you choose, be sure the piece is made with a technical fabric that pull moisture away from your skin.


Choose a Mid-Layer: Like your base layer, wearing something made with technical fabrics is ideal. A moisture wicking mid-layer will work with your base layer to help pull moisture away from the body.

Choose Your Mid-Layer Silhouette: Everybody loves options. The most common mid-layers are half-zips, crew neck or turtleneck sweatshirts, or hoodies.

Half-Zips (or Quarter-Zips): These are great options because they usually fit easily over base layers. Because of the zipper, you’ll have the ability to control the temperature inside the shirt throughout the duration of your run.


Sweatshirts: There are a lot of technical sweatshirts on the market. Some people prefer these because they’re a little more cozy than a half-zip. Unlike a half-zip, you can’t control the temperature so you’ll want to wear this during short or long easy runs.

Hoodies: Raise your hand if your ears get cold during your run. If you want something with more coverage, the hoodie is the way to go. Most running hoodies will be made with a stretchy fabric that allows the hood to fit your head perfectly and prevent it from falling down during your run.

If you have questions about finding a base layer or mid-layer that works best for you, be sure to pop into one of our shops and ask one of our Guides for assistance. We have great options from Brooks, New Balance, Nike, The North Face, On, Patagonia and more to keep you warm throughout the fall season.