Cross Training: TRX

By Vic A. 

Whether you run an average of 15 miles a week or 150, runners know that a very important part of running is cross training. In order for your overall running to improve and for your body to continue to progress you need to include other formats of exercise. Several forms of exercise which are great cross trainers are swimming, biking, group ex and spinning just to name a few. These forms of cardio exercise are all great, however, strength training is also a very important component of running. Strength training is a great way for your muscles to continue to develop which only helps you become a stronger runner.


Most runners use free weights and universal machines as their means of strength workout. Another form of strength training for runners is TRX. The format of TRX is suspension training. You basically work with your own bodyweight. It is a low impact but can be high intensity depending on the specific move. The TRX straps are made from industrial grade webbing and can hold up to 1000 pounds. Incorporating TRX as a form of strength training into your running is a great way to keep your muscles engaged by way of dynamic style. It means you are getting a great strength workout while keeping your body in constant motion.

Depending on your level of fitness, TRX offers beginner and advance moves which makes it appealing to everyone. It is a full body workout that targets your upper and lower body as well as the abdominal. Unlike your regular group ex class, TRX is offered either as a SGT (Small Group Training) usually maxed at 10 participant. This forum allows the trainer to really provide more personal feedback to each participant.


Just with all other forms of cross training proper shoes and the right apparel makes a difference. Stability shoes like the Guide by Saucony are preferred because it offers you more support. For a much easier mobility a light weight top like On's Tank is the best way to go. The next time you stop by any of Philadelphia Runner's location to pick up your next pair of running shoes check out our great selection of apparel.