I got into the Broad Street Run, now what?

I got into the Broad Street Run, now what?


I got into the Broad Street Run, now what?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You received an email welcoming you to the Blue Cross Broad Street Run and things just got real.

If this is your first time running Broad Street, don’t panic. We’ve compiled a short list of everything you need to do before you jump in to training for the Broad Street Run. Each week, we’ll post a blog including everything you need to know about running a successful race.  Read more

How to Cross Train for Running

We’re runners. We are big fans (most of the time) of moving forward in a repetitive manner. That can be a great thing when you’re having a tougher run and need to have a zen mindset to get through it. But today, I’m going to recommend you step outside of your bubble (if you haven’t already!) and cross train.

Unite Fitness & Philadelphia Runner
From one of our Unite Fitness cross training runs!

Why would you want to do that? Like I mentioned before, running requires a very repetitive motion. All of that strain on your muscles can take a toll on your body. By mixing it up, your body will break out of it’s shell and adapt in different ways. And did you know that cross training can also help your running? It’s true! For some people, it even helps with injury prevention. And isn’t that what we all need more of?

Well, now what do I do? I wouldn’t leave you lost and confused, here. Today, I’ve got some different ways to cross train to improve your running. Let us know how you cross train in the comments!

  1. Try another form of cardio. I’m not suggesting you cheat on your running, I’m merely suggesting you complement it! Hop in the pool and do some laps. It’s not a weight bearing activity, so it gives your joints (knees, hips, & ankles…we’re looking at you!) a break and improves your cardiovascular system at the same time! Another great thing to try is the rowing (a.k.a. urg) machine. The movement is driven from your lower body, so it trains those muscles to be power houses. And in a race, those power houses are gold.
  2. Strength Train. Many times, people neglect resistance training as part of their training plan. Strengthening those muscles (especially those legs again!) correctly generally correlates to less chance of injury, so it’s worth a try! However, make sure you’re not forgetting about your upper body. Do your back and shoulders ever get sore after a run? It could be from a tension or weakness in those muscles. Try strengthening those puppies up to reduce pain.
  3. Give yoga a try. I know, I know. We’re all very diligent and we stretch before and after every run. But for those of us who are looking for that extra boost, give yoga a try! It may help loosen those tight muscles. It will help with something else too. Have you ever been on a run and can’t get your mind to stop complaining about how far you have yet wandering? The meditation aspect of yoga might be something you want to check out! Who says you can’t meditate on a run? Just do us a favor and watch where you’re going!
  4. Come to our Unite Fitness cross training run! Alright, you want me to make it super easy for you? Come to our cross training run with Unite Fitness. It’s at 6:00 pm on Thursday, August 15. You can meet up at our Center City store and get a killer workout. There’s even some running (and beer!) involved, so everybody’s happy! Find out more about it here.

Cross training can be a great tool to improve your running performance. It can also help with preventing burnout because you’ll be varying your activities. What more could you ask for?

Tell us, have you gotten your cross-train on? What’s your favorite thing to do?