4 Ways To Kick Start Your Broad Street Run Training

4 Ways To Kick Start Your Broad Street Run Training


5 Ways To Kick Start Your Broad Street Run Training

The hype around the Broad Street Run lottery has finally settled down and you’re coming to terms with running a 10-mile race. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking to set a new personal record, it’s time to start training (if you haven’t done so already). 

In our last post, we discussed training do’s & don’ts and getting fitted for your perfect running shoes. This week is all about setting realistic goals, finding a training program that works for you and incorporating cross-training into your weekly program. Check out these tips to kick start your training program and use the coupon below to save $15 on your full price shoe purchase of $75 or more! 
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I got into the Broad Street Run, now what?

I got into the Broad Street Run, now what?


I got into the Broad Street Run, now what?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You received an email welcoming you to the Blue Cross Broad Street Run and things just got real.

If this is your first time running Broad Street, don’t panic. We’ve compiled a short list of everything you need to do before you jump in to training for the Broad Street Run. Each week, we’ll post a blog including everything you need to know about running a successful race.  Read more

Bucket List: Running in Philadelphia

If you only had one year in Philadelphia what running goals would you want to accomplish? That’s what we asked ourselves when putting together a “bucket list” of races, places, and events in the city that you shouldn’t miss. There are countless running-related things to do in Philadelphia that didn’t make the cut but if you checked the following events off your list, you could say you pretty much ran wild across the city of brotherly love.


1. Broad Street 10 Mile Run (Early May): Ok this one is obvious. It may not be the most exciting race in terms of course layout (it’s basically a straight shot from North Philly to the Naval Yard) but it’s the can’t-miss race in Philadelphia. It’s the only time you can ever say you ran in the city with 30,000 other people at the same time. It filled up in less than 6 hours in 2012 so it’s safe to say this is the hottest race in town.

2. Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half-Marathon (Late September): Long before this race was sponsored by Rock n Roll, it was referred to simply as “The Distance Run” and it was known for the big name runners who would frequent the speedy course along the Schuylkill. Today it is as popular, and fast, as ever. The course record for men and women, both set in 2011, are the fastest half-marathons run on US soil…Ever.

3. The Philadelphia Marathon (Late November): It’s Philly’s only marathon and stretches 26.2 miles through historic Philadelphia and along the winding turns of the Schuylkill River. The course is known for being relatively flat and a good first marathon. It falls in late November meaning you don’t have to worry about the early fall heat waves that can strike other marathons and it’s the perfect way to kick of the holiday season.


1. Run in Valley Forge: One of our favorite things about Philadelphia is that you can get completely lost in the forests of Fairmount Park and Wissahickon and still be in the middle of the city. But if you are looking for some truly quiet and scenic running, there is no better place than Valley Forge. Spring is the perfect time to hit the trails out at Valley Forge and discover this hitory-rich running gem just northwest of the city.

Ben Franklin Bridge looking toward Camden


2. Go out-and-back on the Ben Franklin Bridge: It’s one of the    toughest runs in the city due to a nearly 3/4 mile climb up each     side but no run gives you better views of Philadelphia and the Delaware River than the Ben Franklin Bridge. When it opened in 1926, the Ben Franklin Bridge was the longest bridge in the world, a title it would hold for three years. Today, thanks to a pedestrian walkway on the southern part of the bridge, it offers a challenging 3 mile out-and-back with spectacular views as a backdrop. For one morning in November every year, the bridge is closed off for the Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10k.



Forbidden Drive in the Fall (By Michael Feagans)

3. Forbidden Drive: There is possibly no better urban park to run in than Fairmount Park and Forbidden Drive, located in the Wissahickon section of Fairmount, is the ultimate running destination for runners in the city. The name itself elicits joy for runners, called “forbidden” because automobiles are not allowed on the smooth dirt road. Go there in the fall for the great foliage or the spring when the vegetations springs back to life. If you want to really get lost, venture out on one of the trails that branch off of Forbidden Drive and explore Philly’s amazing urban park.



Can’t miss event:

Attend the Penn Relays: It is the oldest and largest track meet in the country and has drawn superstars such as Usain Bolt in recent years. Records have been broken at the Penn Relays which takes place in late April at historic Franklin Field on the University of Pennsylvania campus.


That’s our bucket list, there are hundreds of great races, events, and trails in the Philadelphia area to take advantage of so if you’re a runner in the city, make your own bucket list and make sure you don’t miss out on the great running the city has to offer! Feel free to add your own can’t-miss events in and around Philly in the comments below!