Running Groups in Philadelphia

Running Groups in Philly

There is a running group in Philly for pretty much any person. As the running bug spreads throughout the city, groups are popping up everywhere bringing runners together to get in a few miles and meet some friends.

Here is our most up to date list of the groups in the city (want to be added to the list? Tell us!)

Philadelphia Runner Center City
– Where: 1601 Sansom
– When: Thursdays at 6PM
– Details: Various paces and distances. Paces range from 7-12 minute miles and 3-6 miles.

Philadelphia Runner University City
– Where: 3621 Walnut
– When: Wednesdays at 6PM
– Details: Various paces and distances. Paces range from 7-12 minute miles and 3-6 miles.

Philadelphia Runner Manayunk

– Where: 4358 Main Street
– When: Sundays at 9AM & Thursdays at 6:30PM
– Details: Sunday morning trail run. Thursday evening group run. Various paces and distances. Paces range from 7-12 minute miles and usually 5 or more miles.

Philadelphia Runner Track Club

– Where: Various meeting locations
– When: Tuesday 6:30pm at Lloyd Hall – Speedwork / Wednesday & Friday Varies. Easy Run or Tempo. Ask for time/meeting location / Sunday 8:30am at Lloyd Hall. Long run

– Details: “Philadelphia’s fastest running club.” Membership features a diverse group of men, women, post-collegiate athletes, masters and relative newcomers. Our mission is to provide support to talented local runners, facilitate training/workout groups and to race to the best of our ability. We compete in USATF cross country, track and road races as well as contests local to Philadelphia. We also host social events and offer volunteer opportunities.

Fishtown Beer Runners
– Where: Start at 2346 E. Susquehanna
– When: Thursdays at 7PM
– Details: One of the city’s largest running groups. The beer runners meet in Fishtown, run a few miles at various paces and end at a different bar each week. If you can’t make it to fishtown you can run to the bar and meet up there. Website.

South Philly Striders
– Where: Front and South st
– When: Tues/Thurs at 6:15 AM. Saturday at 8AM
– Details: One of the only morning running groups in the city, South Philly Striders meet close to the heart of Center City. Various paces and distances. They also do bridge runs on Wednesday over the Ben Franklin Bridge starting at 6th and Race at 6:30PM. Website.

West Philly Runners
– Where: 45th and Locust
– When: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
– Details: West Philly’s biggest running club does three different distances each week (typically 2,4, and 6 miles) and usually grabs drinks somewhere afterward. Website.

Philly Runners
– Where: Bottom of the Art Museum steps
– When: Tues/Thursday 6:30 PM. Saturday morning runs vary. Usually 8 or 9 AM depending on time of year.
– Details: One of the oldest running clubs in the city, the Philly Runners are open to everyone and the runs are never cancelled. Note- Thursday evening runs are usually a speed or hill workout. All levels welcome. Website.

Point Breeze Runners
– Where: 18th and Federal
– When: Mondays at 6:30PM
– Details: The only running group in Point Breeze. The group normally runs 4 miles at various paces, ending at a local bar (usually South Philly Taproom or American Sardine Bar). Website.

Black Girls Run!
– Where: Lloyd Hall
– When: Saturday mornings
– Details: Founded in 2011, the Philly chapter of Black Girls Run often gets over 50 women to show up for runs. Website.

Fairmount Running Club
– Where: Various locations. Lloyd Hall, Fairmount Running Co., Wissahickon.
– When. Various times.
– Details: Multiple group runs a week in Fairmount and Wissahickon Park. Website.

Southwest Center City Run Club
– Where: City Fitness (21st and South)
– When: Wednesdays at 6:30PM
– Details: A relatively new running group, the SWCC Run Club meets in Graduate Hospital for casual weekly group runs. Website.

Young Involved Philly Running Club
– Where: Philadelphia Runner Center City (1601 Sansom)
– When: First Tuesday of the month. 6:30 PM.
– Details: A partnership between Philadelphia Runner and Young Involved Philly, the running group bring young Philadelphians together to explore interesting locations in the city by running to them and learning more about them. Drinks and networking afterward. Website.

Philadelphia Frontrunners
– Where: Lloyd Hall
– When: Saturdays at 9AM. There is also a run on Monday at 7PM at the William Way Center at 1315 Spruce.
– Details: The Frontrunners are a GLBT friendly group that was founded in 1983. They encourage runners of all abilities to  join them. Website.

Philly Achilles
– Where: Cigna lobby at 1601 Chestnut
– When: Saturdays at 9AM
– Details: The only running group in the city that helps people with disabilities achieve their running goals. The group is open to runners with disabilities and volunteers. Paces and distance varies. Longer distance and faster volunteers needed for some runners training for marathons and long races. Website.

Monster Milers
– Where: Various animal shelters in Philly
– When: Varies
– Details: A running group that runs with rescue dogs, this group has a couple small requirement to join because of the volunteering aspect of it. Website.

City Fit Girls
– Where: Dilworth Park (City Hall)
– When: Wednesdays at 6:30PM and Saturdays at 8:30AM
– Details: All-levels women training and group runs. All paces are welcome. Website.

Black Men Run

– Where: Various locations, 63rd & Market, Lloyd Hall, Broad & Olney Av.
– When: Various times
– Details:Multiple runs a week throughout the city. Website.