Philadelphia Marathon Month


The countdown to the Philadelphia Marathon (half-marathon and 8K!) is on and we can’t wait to run this city with you. From Center City to West Philadelphia and Fairmount Park out to Manayunk, we’re looking forward to a weekend of fun, sweat and cheers with the best running community around.

Since the race is only getting closer, we’re kicking off Marathon Month with a ‘Runner’s Checklist’ to help you get everything you need for the big day.

Running Shoes: Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. How old are your running shoes? Did you know a pair of running shoes will typically last for 300-500 miles? If you’re experiencing any unusual aches and pains in your feet, knees and/or hips, it may be time to switch out your running shoes.

Running in an old, unsupportive pair can put you at risk for injury so be sure to replace them or get fitted and run pain-free on race day.

Race-day outfit: The weather has been a little unpredictable lately so it’s hard to anticipate your race-day outfit early in the month. In the meantime, start thinking about what you want to wear to the starting line (if it’s chilly you’ll want to wear removable layers) and what you plan to wear to go the distance in. For long distance, fall running, you’ll definitely want to wear moisture wicking fabrics that pull moisture and sweat away from the body.

A long-sleeve shirt paired with shorts or capris should get the job done if temperatures don’t drop too much.

Sports bra: Ladies, no one wants to run an 8K, 13.1 or 26.2 miles in a worn out or unsupportive sports bra. Our sports bras are supposed to make running feel good – not uncomfortable or out of control. If you’re wearing anything larger than a B cup, you’ll probably want a sports bra that’s encapsulated, breathable, moisture wicking and really supportive. Be sure to run a few times in the sports bra you plan to wear on race day so that you don’t chaff.

Bonus: Recycle one of your old bras at our shops before the marathon and take 20% off a new bra!

Running Socks: Just say no to cotton socks. Even if you size up in your running shoe, you can put yourself at risk for blisters, chaffing and bruising if your socks don’t wick away moisture. A good pair of running socks can go a long way, especially on race day.

Nutrition Plan: If you’re running the half or full-marathon, you’ve probably been training with a water bottle, gels, bloks or other forms of nutrition. Do you have a race-day nutrition plan in place? Now is the time to start thinking about what you’ll use and when you’ll use it along your run. Use any remaining long runs to test flavors that

Foam Roller: Foam rolling is a form of self-massage that helps relieve tightness in our muscles. Many running injuries can be traced back to improper recovery so be sure to get a good foam roller – one that’s not too soft – to help you increase blood flow, speed up recovery and relieve tension in your legs.

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