Philadelphia Marathon Month


The countdown to the Philadelphia Marathon (half-marathon and 8K!) is on and we can’t wait to run this city with you. From Center City to West Philadelphia and Fairmount Park out to Manayunk, we’re looking forward to a weekend of fun, sweat and cheers with the best running community around.

Since the race is only getting closer, we’re kicking off Marathon Month with a ‘Runner’s Checklist’ to help you get everything you need for the big day.

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Am I Running In The Right Shoe?

Am I Running In The Right Shoe?


Am I Running In The Right Shoe?

We’ve been following along  Jenn Collin’s Team Philly – Philadelphia Marathon Training program for the past few weeks. This week, we caught up with Jenn to talk about how training is going and to discuss her experience with choosing the right (and wrong) running shoe.

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Marathon Training: More than Miles


Ever wonder what it’s like to train for a marathon?

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Jenn Collins, a Team Philly member who’s training for her first marathon in November. 

We’re following along Jenn’s program to give you an inside scoop on the ups and downs of training for the Philadelphia Marathon. Continue on to read Jenn’s latest journal entry.

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Marathon Training: One mile at a time

Marathon Training: One mile at a time


One Mile At A Time

Trust your training and don’t get ahead of yourself. Focus on one mile at a time. Put in the hard work and you will be ready. – Jenn Collins

Thinking about training for your first big race? Jenn Collins was in your shoes once.

In fact, the wife and mom of two didn’t know her athletic abilities until she signed up for her first Broad Street Run in 2013. Two short years later, she’s training with Team Philly to prepare for her first full marathon – The Philadelphia Marathon – in November.

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In It For the Long Run

Those Fall races are coming up, and while the days are getting shorter…those long runs are getting longer. For those of us who can go out and run 22 miles without batting an eyelash, gold star! However, there is another camp of runners who have a love-hate relationship with the long run. And for us, we’ve got to have some tricks to get us through! I went over to our Twitter (p.s. are you following us?) to ask our followers what they thought.

  • Long runs are tough, no bones about it. The cool thing about Philadelphia is that other runners are bound to be battling the long run at the same time. When another runner smiles at me on the trail, that’s more time I’m not thinking about my run. Also when you smile back, you naturally feel happier!

Long Run Tips

  • Music helps a huge amount of people get through long, tough runs. Have you ever tried podcasts, though? There are so many on any subject you can think of. Philadelphia Runner employees also like to listen to comedians. It’s like running with a friend, but you don’t have to talk back! (But feel free to if it helps log those miles!)

Long Run Tips 2

  • For those of you training on a treadmill with nobody passing you, try doing a long run outside! The fresh air and the scenery might change things up just enough so that the long run is easier.
  • The mental aspects of a run are just as hard as the physical ones. Having a strong mantra to repeat to yourself is something that many runners swear by. It can be a word, it can be a quote, it can be a swear word it can be anything! The power of positive thinking is a crazy thing.

Long Run Tips 3

  • Nutrition is a big help. If you’re running longer than 45 minutes, you may want to think about Nuun for your water, Gu’s, or Sport Beans. We could have an entirely separate post on nutrition (look out for it soon!), but come on into the store and we can fill your brain with information about refueling on the run!

Long Run Tips 4

  • Try running with a friend. Running with somebody else can be a whole challenge in itself, but it’s definitely something to try. It’s always nice to have someone to talk to (or do all of the talking) when those miles get tough. Do all of your friends think you’re crazy for running? Our store has free group runs. Show up and make a friend/training partner!

Long runs seem to be unavoidable if you want to have a solid training for a longer-distance race. In order to get through them, we have to stick together!

Do any of you readers have any tips to share with us?