4 Ways To Kick Start Your Broad Street Run Training


5 Ways To Kick Start Your Broad Street Run Training

The hype around the Broad Street Run lottery has finally settled down and you’re coming to terms with running a 10-mile race. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking to set a new personal record, it’s time to start training (if you haven’t done so already). 

In our last post, we discussed training do’s & don’ts and getting fitted for your perfect running shoes. This week is all about setting realistic goals, finding a training program that works for you and incorporating cross-training into your weekly program. Check out these tips to kick start your training program and use the coupon below to save $15 on your full price shoe purchase of $75 or more! 

  1. Set a realistic goal: If this is your first time doing the Broad Street Run, you’ll want to set a realistic finishing goal for yourself. How fast do you want to run the race? Are you looking to run 8,9, or maybe 10 minute miles? Consider your current running pace and set a goal that will get you across the finish line feeling accomplished and injury free. 
  2. Find a training group: Team Philly, the training group that’s based out of our store is kicking off training this Saturday at our University City Store. If you’re confused about how to get started, would like to work with a certified coach, or would love to get cool perks from Philadelphia Runner, this program may be a great fit for you! Click here to learn more about Team Philly Race Training
  3. Find your perfect workout: We know how much you love running but there comes a time in every training program when you’ll need to cross-train. Depending on the program you follow, you’ll find yourself cross-training (strength-training workouts) 2 or 3 times in a week. If you live in the Philadelphia Region, there are plenty of gyms to join to knock out your cross-training. Here are just a few:
    1. City Fitness: If you like a gym with essential equipment to strengthen your core and the option to work with personal trainers, then City Fitness is the place for you.
    2. Body Cycle Studio: If you’d like to toss spin (indoor cycling) into your training regimen, then give Body Cycle Studio a try!
    3. Goals Fitness Boot camp: If you like a boot-camp style class, Goals Fit maybe the workout for you. Check out the schedule here.
    4. Unite Fitness: Want a workout that incorporates cardio, strength and yoga? Check out Unite Fitness!
  4. Did we mention running shoes?: Of course we did. But if you haven’t picked up a pair of running shoes that work well with your foot type, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Stop by one of our shops for a gait analysis and shoe fitting. Use the coupon above to save $15 on your Broad Street Run shoes!
  5. Remember, this is about you. You know the saying, “your race, your pace”. Don’t feel pressured to compete with your friends or follow along a training program that doesn’t work for you. Find s program that works well with your abilities and schedule.

Do you have any tips to add? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!  

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